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Gala Biotech, a Catalent Pharma Solutions Company, was established in 1996 from technology developed at the University of Wisconsin. Located in Middleton, Wisconsin, this rapidly growing company (currently over 40 employees, including 16 PhD’s) has a wide range of capabilities in the fields of molecular biology, vector biology, cell line development, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, protein biochemistry, and quality systems. Gala’s core proprietary technology is GPEx® (Gene Product Expression), a gene insertion/expression technology that allows rapid creation of stable, high-expressing mammalian cell lines for a wide variety of gene products.

"Gala" is Greek for milk, and the company's original mission was to produce pharmaceutical proteins in the milk of transgenic cows. The gene insertion technology that Gala developed to generate transgenic animals became the basis of Gala's Gene Product Expression or GPEx® technology for production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cell culture.

The genomics revolution has led to the identification of thousands of new genes, and the race is now on to discover, characterize and stably express the protein products of these genes in order to develop new therapeutic proteins. Gala's GPEx® technology, when applied to mammalian cell culture, accelerates this process for its biopharmaceutical partners. Once new therapeutic proteins have been identified for clinical development, production support becomes a major challenge. Gala's mission is to meet this need, and the company has recently established a 43,000 square-foot facility in Middleton, Wisconsin devoted to GPEx®-based cell line development and cGMP-compliant protein production.


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